Processes setlmint automates

  • Purchase
  • Collection
  • Cash Management

One Dashboard Track Purchase, Collection and Cash on One Dashboard

  • Identify and Track key business trends and day to day transaction activity
  • Drill down to transaction level information with One click
  • Export data to Excel

Purchase Eliminate Manual Data entry and Approval, Eliminate paper,
courier and storage costs, Never lose or chase documents

  • Receive Bills/Employee & Petty Cash claims by email straight in to the app
    or Click picture and Upload
  • Auto extract data from Bill/Claim and Post to ERP/Tally etc - No Data Entry
  • Auto-Match Bill With Order and Goods Receipt
  • Make Payments electronically to Suppliers
  • Search And Retrieve Bill Images anytime for Audits

Approval workflows Auto Route transactions electronically for approval

  • Configurable workflow for all documents

    (Requisition, RFQ, PO, Invoice, Dispute, Goods Receipt, Payment)

  • Users track transaction status real time
  • High degree of visibility and Audit trail

Collection Bi-Directional CRM to help you Collect faster with full visibility

  • Assign Customers to Sales team
  • Automatically create Daily Collection Task list for Sales team
  • Send Automatic and Manual Payment reminders to Customers
  • Receive Responses from Customers straight in to the app in One Inbox
  • Auto Pull Receipts from Bank portal and Auto Match with Invoices

Cash management Manage Cash In/Out effectively and Quickly make tactical cash decisions


  • Bottom up Excel like Cash Forecast
  • Short Term Daily (30-90 Days) and Long Term Weekly (52 weeks)
  • Make Real time Edits - "just like Excel"
  • Create and Maintain multiple Scenarios
  • Smart Alerts - For Payments and Collection

ERP sync Automated accounting and inventory entries posted to ERP
zero reconciliations - accurate and updated general ledger

  • Sync data to and from your ERP
  • One click Sync to migrate your current data to setlmint

Mobility Eliminate wasteful transaction management and instead focus on
building strategic relationship with Vendors and Customers

  • View, Approve and Communicate – anytime, anywhere
  • Stay on top of stuff even when you are away